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Quantity Price per Badge
1-9 $6.75
10-19 $6.50
20+ $5.95
Standard Badge Styles

The following MU approved badge styles are available for order

MU Option A Full Color
Mizzou Gold name badge with MU Logo outlined in white with black lettering.
MU Option B Full Color
Black name badge with black and Mizzou Gold MU logo outlined in white with white lettering.
MU Option C Full Color
Black and white name badge with white outlined Mizzou Gold and black MU logo and black lettering
UM System
Black and white name badge for UM System Staff. UM System logo and black lettering.
Badge Order

Add and enter the information for each badge desired in the table below. Blank badges will be removed upon request submittal. Name can include first or first and last. Identifiers include Title, Department Name, Unit name or Program name. There is a maximum of two identifiers and a minimum of one showing the wearers relation to the University.